"As a diverse family we seek and serve God through joyful worship, love and respect for creation, promotion of social justice, and growth into the image of Christ."

 Our Stained Glass Windows

The stained-glass windows are a very distinctive part of St. Paul's In-The -Pines. The people of St. Paul's have very strong feeling toward these windows for several reasons: the story meaning of each window; the beautiful light each window lets shine in; and the love and care that go into the making of these windows. The design of the Stained Glass Windows at St. Paul was conceived, created and made by the parishioners throughout the years. Each of the stained-glass windows was made here in the church. Since the earliest years of the parish's life, everything, from the design to the installation, has been done by parishioners of St. Paul's In-The-Pines.

The stained glass project was initiated in the fall of 1969 by the Rev’d Thomas Gregg. During the years of colorful windows in the making, many parishioners helped to design and construct the windows. Tom Gregg worked on the windows from the beginning. Orville Gravely worked closely with him and together they taught the craft to others.

Many, many members of the parish worked on putting the windows together.
Here is a list of those members who designed windows, compiled by Helene Huskey:

  • Annunciation   .....   Tom Gregg
  • Nativity   .....   Tom Gregg
  • Christ’s Ministry with the adulteress   .....   Tom Gregg
  • Resurrection    .....   Norbert Kopanski
  • Ascension    .....  Norbert Kopanski
  • Pentecost   .....   Tom Gregg
  • Cross over Altar   .....   Joe Cooper
  • Sacristy Window   .....   Tom Gregg
  • Saul: Man of the Law   .....   Mary McCarl Wilson
  • Conversion of St. Paul   .....   William (Buddy) Bryant
  • Paul in Prison   .....   Norbert Kopanski

Two front rooms – Four windows/three panels each:

Each panel relating to the teaching and actions of the ministry of St. Paul’s. Woody Iddings designed most of the windows, and Ron Huskey used ideas created by Woody to design other windows, including the arts window with the clown, ballet slippers and piano keyboard. Patsy Arle cut the triangular shaped pieces.

  • A Rose Window (in the attic)   .....   Buddy Bryant
  • Angels (Over the front entrance)   .....   Ron Huskey
  • Dedicated to Helene Huskey
  • All Are Welcome (front door)   .....   Ron Huskey
  • expressing our mission

In 2014, with all anticipated work complete, and thanks to grants from the Diocese of East Carolina and St. John's Episcopal fund as well as generous donations from parishioners, we were able to install protective glass over all the windows. It is our hope that the light that shines through the windows, like the light that shines in our parishioners, will be an invitation to the community to visit and join with our parish at St. Paul's-in-the-Pines.

The designs of the front windows in the worship space cover the life of Christ, death, and glorious resurrection; and Pentecost. While the back windows cover the life of St. Paul, for whom the church is named.

There are other windows throughout the church building that depict our ministry among the community and what we have to offer the world as a parish. To see more of them, please visit our Gallery.

The life of Jesus

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The life of Paul

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Our stained glass workroom

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